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We make molds that turn great concepts into exceptional products.

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What kind of molds does Thornhurst make?

If your product weighs 15 lbs.,
requires 26 inserts,
2 of which are 4.5 lbs. each,
we make the molds for it.

Large insert molds

Size is 24" x 9.5" x 15".

If this isn't big enough, call us for something larger!

Small molds that are worth the money

A bit larger than 2-bits, we make molds for even smaller change... the squares and holes are standard!

A larger mold that won't shock you with it's cost


Special feature molds
  • Molds with floating cores
  • Molds with bubblers
  • High-precision, high-tolerance electrical connector molds
  • Molds with thread forming cores
  • Insert Molds (metal and silicone)
  • Silicone Molds
  • Stainless Steel PVC molds

Contact Thornhurst Manufacturing to learn how we can help solve your product and molding performance needs by providing you with excellence in mold design, mold making and mold performance.





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