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We make molds that turn great concepts into exceptional products.

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Our design expertise

Our in-house designers work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs and objectives. To do that, our skilled, experienced designers use the latest computerized 3D modeling packages, including Pro-E, and a Faro 6-axis digitizer for reverse engineering.

Our machine shop has both CNC and manual machines, which our machinists, with both experience and expertise, use to quickly make quality prototypes.

CAD - Computer Aided Design

We use the latest design software applications for product and mold design.

Thornhurst supports ProE (including ProE Foundation, ProMold, and Intralink), Solidworks, Catia, and several other design packages.

Our applications run on a network of Pentium IV workstations based on a Windows 2000 environment in order to be compatible with all our customers' needs.

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a product or part but no drawings, plans or prints?

Using our Faro 6-axis digitizer, we create everything needed to build a new mold at your product's precise dimensions, thickness and shape. The result is exact, because we scan your part on 6 axes with computer aided sensing and measurement, rather than handheld calipers and micrometers. The Faro works best when a part has many different complex radii, when traditional measuring techniques are both difficult and time consuming.

In one case, a company had run over 10,000 pieces of a complicated 3D fixture from a mold which needed replacement. Neither the customer nor its original mold maker had copies of any drawings. (On that matter, Thornhurst archives copies of all its work.) They came to us for a solution. We scanned one of the customer's parts and generated new plans from which we built a new mold.

We've scanned every size from small mold parts to a large canoe.

Collaborative relationships bring additional expertise to your projects.

Thornhurst's long-standing relationships with industry design professionals leverage our ability to satisfy almost every mold design, tooling and production need.

One of our key professional collaborators is engineer and designer Mike Sawyer of New Creation Consulting Co. Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee. Here's one example of a product Mike designed with Thornhurst.

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Prototyping Techniques

SLA (stereolithography) is a rapid prototyping method for the creation of parts derived from 3D CAD data, built one thin layer at a time and contoured to your exact needs and performance specs.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) is another rapid prototyping method, but one step ahead. SLS makes a stronger prototype than SLA, and sometimes structurally functional parts are possible. We use SLS for a variety of materials with the ability to approximate common engineering plastics.

We also use many other special prototyping techniques including Laser Cutting, Vacuum Forming, and Powder Plaster Molds.

In addition, all these techniques are supplemented by conventional machining of metal and plastic prototypes.

Contact Thornhurst Manufacturing to learn how we can help solve your product and molding performance needs by providing you with excellence in mold design, mold making and mold performance.





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