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We make molds that turn great concepts into exceptional products.

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Thornhurst's Mold Building
delivers the quality, performance and costs you expect.
Thornhurst's mold building delivers the quality, performance and costs you expect.

Thornhurst operates excellent machines in a brand new air conditioned shop, but the quality of the tool is in the quality of the tool makers, and we have a superb team.

Many of our mold makers are technical school graduates and have completed extensive apprenticeship programs. Our mold makers average nearly 20 years of experience. Each is personally able to perform fast and accurate machining on complex surfaces to provide high quality and reliable molds for our customers.

Quality Control and Assurance

"Quality" at Thornhurst means setting specs and tolerances right the first time and machining products accordingly, not reworking a part that's out of spec. That just increases cost and extends delivery.

We practice continuous quality improvement. First, we plan your project work. Then, we implement it in machining. As we explore and find ways to improve our process and our work, we incorporate those findings in our future planning and production.

Each Thornhurst mold maker has more than just our customer's interest in mind; each mold maker owns his own set of high quality measuring equipment and maintains his tools in first-rate condition. As part of our quality assurance work, we annually recalibrate our surface plates.

In the company's tool set are the latest gear for measuring and machining. Our new Mazak CNC has a stationary table that allows us to work consistently at tighter tolerances. We recently installed two brand new grinders. We've mounted our optical comparators and several surface plates on wheels to allow us to make measurements right at the grinders.

Fast Delivery

We know rapid turnaround and on-time delivery are critical. We make sure our CAD design programs interact with our CAM programs to control our CNC to speed up setup and machining.

As part of our continuous improvement practices, our mold makers consistently look for ways to shorten delivery times for complex and simple projects. For simple molds and prototypes, our mold makers can save you time and money by working with just your concept, and not requiring expensive drawings.

Cost Controls

We believe getting it right at the start is not just prudent practice, it reduces costs for us and for our customers.

Our planning and procedures track material and labor costs in order to build both quality and low cost into your mold. Since potential problems and unusual wear are engineered out, the overall lifetime cost of running and owning your Thornhurst mold is kept to a minimum.


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