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We make molds that turn great concepts into exceptional products.

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Thornhurst excels at turning customer challenges into successfully engineered solutions.

Here are a few examples to spark your thoughts about how asking Thornhurst about one of your problems might be the first step to a great answer.

Invented and produced superior replacement plastic product, and, in the process, reduced customer's product cost from $10.00 to $2.00 per part.

A major contractor used specialized steel parts for the repair of bridge supports. The metal parts remained in the ground.

Thornhurst took the challenge. We developed a better performing plastic replacement. And, this new plastic part also reduced the customer's cost of each part by 80%.

Delivered faster and at lower cost than customer's in-house department.

A major US defense contractor faced increasing costs and lagging lead times in the production of a metal shielding device. They felt stuck as they got further behind.

Bigger mold makers couldn't solve the problems, but Thornhurst engineered the solution.

Today, Thornhurst produces more products in shorter time at lower cost and the customer works on US defense.

Eliminated short circuits by inventing Click-Stick.

Down in a narrow sewer manhole, it's tough to use two hands to use a metal screwdriver to locate, pry out and remove fuses and install replacements. It takes time; things get dropped; and short circuits occasionally get tripped.

Thornhurst designed and patented a new tool, the Click Stick, so technicians can use one hand to locate, grab and remove a fuse and install its replacement. Tools and fuses are no longer dropped, and service technicians complete their work more easily and quickly.

Stopped construction site turf conflicts between masons and electricians.

A general contractor faced turf battles between his masons and electricians on commercial projects. After rough-in concrete work, the electricians had to rough-in the wiring and make a duct tape cover to keep finishing concrete out. After the masons finished up, the electricians had to return, remove the duct tape, clean up the residue, and finish up their final wiring.

The contractor had an idea -- free up each trade to work independently by using an electrical box cover to align and protect the wiring from the concrete.

Thornhurst designed a special cover for electrical rough-in work to protect the wiring and to make both the mason's and the electrician's work go easier and independently. Good-bye duct tape; hello happy wiring.

Improved part performance after hot-stamping.

In the customer's repair of phone equipment, a special clip was used and had to be marked for identification. Hot-stamping was the best way to mark the clip, but not possible on the part as originally designed.

We redesigned the part so that hot stamping was possible. We were then able to mold large quantities and quickly deliver small quantities of many different items needing marking.

Unstuck screw tips for more reuse.

A customer's work required boring screw-tips into metal compound pieces. At the end of the process, each screw-tip had tightened and removal damage occurred.

Thornhurst designed a special tip that could be burned out of the piece, requiring only minimal refurbishment so the piece could be reused.

Deliver faster with product improvements.

A Northeast US retail display producer had to meet customer demands for quick delivery of displays to multiple trade show and expo locations on short notice.

Thornhurst did it -- faster, better, and at lower cost than all the available suppliers located right there in the northeast.

No matter where you're located, check with Thornhurst to see just what kind of performance we can deliver to get you going faster, better and at lower cost.

Serve more customers with fewer molds.

Problem: lots of customers in same industry needed similar but different parts.

Thornhurst's solution: designed and produced a mold with interchangeable inserts that make different but similar parts -- at a substantially reduced capital and production cost for its customer.

Contact Thornhurst Manufacturing to learn how we can help solve your product and molding performance needs by providing you with excellence in mold design, mold making and mold performance.





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